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omslag Composite structures (Eurocode 4)

Composite structures (Eurocode 4)

J.W.B. Stark and R.J. Stark, Composite structures. Analysis and design of composite steel and concrete structures for buildings according to Eurocode 4 (Steel Design 4), Bouwen met Staal, Zoetermeer 2022, ISBN 978-90-75146-06-6, formaat 23x25 cm, 228 p.

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Composite structures is effective as a textbook for students and as a reference guide to Eurocode 4 for practising structural engineers. It deals in six chapters with the application and design of composite steel and concrete structures for buildings according to Eurocode 4.

•  Chapter 1 gives a general overview of the characteristics, design and construction, and applications of composite beams, floors and columns. Also the advantages and disadvantages of the differentstructural solutions are discussed.
•  Chapters 2 to 5 provide detailed information about the design methods and assessment rules in EN 1994 for composite beams, floors, columns andconnections at normal temperature and in case of fire. The Eurocodes assessment rules are explained with manydetailed worked examples.
•  Finally, chapter 6 contains a complete calculation of the compositestructure of a cinema auditorium consisting of main beams, girders, floors and columns.

The authors – J.W.B. Stark and ing. R.J. Stark – are experienced lecturers in The Netherlands in the field of composite steel and concrete structures. They also give courses on this subject.
•  Jan Stark is professor emeritus steel structures at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Delft University of Technology. He contributed to drafting of the model code for composite structures issued in 1971. Later he was a member of the drafting panels for ENV 1993-1-1 and EN 1994-1-1 and chairman of CEN-TC250-SC4 Composite Structures. In 1999 he received the ECCS Charles Massonnet Award.
•  Rob Stark – a registered designer – is director and consulting engineer at IMd Consulting Engineers. He is a member of the Dutch Advisory Committee on Building Regulations, because of his experience in the field of construction safety, and also of BmS committee TC3 Fire Safety.